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FAQ's - Some frequently asked questions about doing business in Nevada.

Convention Services Business - Special Provisions

Establishing, owning, operating or relocating a business in Nevada, can have substantial benefits when compared to other areas of the Country.

However, there are specific matters to consider when planning to open a business, establish a business, or relocate a business within Nevada. While the processes themselves are not complex, the method in which they are done and the chronological order is important. Depending on what industry you are in or planning to establish within, will dictate which if not all, State, County and City registrations and permits will be required.

We service the needs of local individuals and entities, as well as those out of State or “Foreign Entities” and Companies, who desire to operate within Nevada, and need to have the appropriate applications and registrations completed on their behalf.

Over the years, numerous companies and organizations located outside of Nevada who periodically or even frequently provide services to local conventions and conventions centers, rely on the Business Center of Nevada to expedite and process the required documentation to operate while in Nevada.

So whether you are considering a part-time business, a “mom and pop” business, mobile business, multiple location enterprise, or you represent a Fortune 500 Company, be assured we can and will assist you in every way possible to meet the requirements of operating your business in Nevada.