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Licensing Services

Who Needs to Register - It may be you...

About Licensing - Some things you should know.

Preparation of Documents - What we can do for you

Our downtown location is in close proximity to most City, County & State agencies. While most individuals and entities can easily qualify to conduct business within the City, County or State, many are just not sure where to start! BCN can assist you in cutting through some of the “red tape” that can be encountered when trying to secure the various licenses you will need. We will assist you in obtaining the appropriate documentation, such as applications for required City, County, and State Licenses, Tax Permits and/or Fictitious Statements. BCN can actually file most of the documentation for you and if we cannot we will point you in the right direction. BCN also offers business licensing hanging, business address, meeting and mail forwarding services.

We at the Business Center of Nevada are taking care of business by making it as easy as possible to get your business license. Allow us to do the legwork for you.