Advantages to Incorporating In Nevada
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Incoporation Services

Advantages to Incorporating In Nevada - What you need to know

Resident Agent - Your best option

Expedited Filings - Moving things along

Business Center of Nevada offers comprehensive Incorporation services, to assist you in the efficient organization of your Corporation in the tax friendly State of Nevada. Incorporation Services are expedient with proper documentation filed just blocks from our office offering a prompt turnaround. Once we obtain some specific information, your Corporation will be ready in a matter of a day or two instead of weeks. Corporate Kits are available as well, including stock certificates and your corporate seal and include minutes and bylaws specifically drafted for you to insure regular documentation while maintaining your corporate identity. Further, should you choose, BCN’s Resident Agent Services are available to you.

Q: Do I really need to Incorporate?
A: Corporations can have tremendous advantages and asset protections for many businesses, small and large alike. Nevada is one of the most friendly states in which to operate a corporation and provide for personal asset protection. There are many tax advantages as well which can be explained by your accountant or CPA. However, individuals must make sure they have the proper documentation for filing and maintaining their “entity” to insure protections and advantages allowed.