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Business Transfers

Business Transfers

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Why Use a Transfer Agent?
Whether buying or selling a business, from thousands to millions of dollars, our Business Transfer & Title Department can handle your business transfer & title needs. BCN handles business transfers exclusively. We do not effectuate any other type of transfer transaction. We are your business transfer experts. Buyer and Seller alike can be assured all documentation will be as required, and all disbursements will be made in accordance with the Purchase Agreement. BCN will provide detailed and specific Transfer Instructions to meet the terms of the agreement and will support the Buyer and Seller in understanding the transaction process. Do it right and protect your investment. BCN’s Transfer & Title documentation services include contractual agreements, bill of sale, promissory notes and security agreements, landlord consent and lease transfer of premises, trademark or trade name assignment, Nevada State Sales Tax releases, Uniform Commercial Code searches and filings, funding and disbursement instructions, and many other related or required documentation.

After all, no one would ever purchase or sell their home without the appropriate “third party”, so be sure to protect all parties, especially yourself and your investment when involved in a business transfer. We invite you to contact us at any time to answer your specific questions relating to a Business Transfer.